We are fond of rings, engagement rings, singleness rings, wedding rings, et cetera. Since time immemorial we are always after the elegance and the pride of wearing these rings. It gives you status. It creates respect. It tells of your name and reputation. Today, we are going to understand and learn more about the uniqueness specifically of engagement rings and wedding rings.


Exchanging of rings either wedding rings or engagement rings has been observed in many ceremonies as the highlight. It has been a physical and symbolic meaning for many centuries. What is the purpose of these two rings in your existence? You will notice that men only wear wedding rings in most cases. Women will wear both rings if not forever but for the whole time here on earth.


Engagement rings are given by men to their girlfriends on the day of their engagement. The woman will wear it to declare status with the man until they marry. Usually engagement rings are bolder. The diamonds are designed solitaires. Comparing this to wedding rings, they are simpler. They are commonly made out of gold and silver rings. Some couples would ask their maker to create for them elaborate rings. These are worn depending upon their choice and obviously their budget. Wedding rings New Zealand can provide you with the best possible match and design for you and your partner and it can always fit your budget.


You can expect that engagement rings from jewellery store are more expensive. They are designed to draw attention of all. The wedding rings in contrast are designed so as to match the engagement as it sits next to engagement ring in the ring finger of the woman. Most women are dreaming since their childhood when someone would like it enough to put a ring on it. The tradition of giving a diamond engagement ring started and became popular since 1930s. This idea was created by female content writer for one company during the Great Depression. It was here when the tag line, 'diamonds are forever' became a hit. Men from all walks of life would dare and will acquire diamonds to give it to their lover as a sign of their undying love for them. This is when the modern engagement era came to pass. Men will buy it for their lover.


The joy of giving and receiving a diamond engagement ring is worth like forever and the status of being married is encrypted on either a gold or silver ring.